EO Red


“EO Red is based on Sultan Rose Attar, which was originally composed of three ingredients. Sultan Red Rose Attar adds thirty more, including eight years aged Imphal oud for its sleek orange zest and virgin musky allure. On top of that, a thick dose of Maroke oud oil to round the scent out with a über-rare oudilicious base. Even the carrier is dstilled 40-year-old vintage Mysore granules.

The Sultan’s private rose harvest from the early 80’s, the reddest rose, oud dripping from its petals, infused into pods potent with primal charm. A motif that celebrates love and rosy-cheeked blushing hot-blooded play. A risqué aphrodisiac that kisses your skin and stokes the titillating flame between the two of you.

This oud parfum is my humble rendition of those timeless fragrances so pheromonal you feel that sultry musc a la musc carnal lick-your-lips primacy, just as you felt it for the first time at your sweet sixteen. When you felt it again, but deeper, as you dreamt of holding her hand. As the poets taught you, to fancy a kiss. And more than that.

Older as I now am, I remember fondly and uncomfortably my coming of age. A single swipe of this red rose pastes it all onto a canvas for me to behold. My finest ouds, a Buddhist master’s finest sandalwood and rose in a scent that lets you look back at the teenage you; your first look at her, her first look at you. Young love. And lust. Ultimately, for many a dedication to such intimacy lost.” –Ensar Oud

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