After close to 4 years of aging our very own extraction of osmanthus blossoms, it’s time to share it with the world and unleash one of the most beautiful fragrances Agar Aura has ever created.

If Layali reshaped what people think of the oud-rose combo, Al-Mendoos defines the oud-osmanthus love affair. You haven’t smelled something like this, guaranteed.

A “mendoos” (مندوس) in Arabian tradition is a chest of gifts presented to the bride.
Our Al-Mendoos extrait is the spray version of our popular oil attar with the same name from a decade ago.

Osmanthus lovers, rejoice.
Utilizling our in-house osmanthus extract, the otherworldly beauty of the attar is taken to a whole new level.
Unlike synthetic rose, synthetic jasmine and many other synthetic floral aromachemicals which have a clear resemblance to the real thing, natural osmanthus extract possesses an aroma that couldn’t be any more different from it’s synthetic counterpart. There’s absolutely no similarity between the two, and most have only smelled the synthetic version in perfumes due to the high cost of the natural extract.

The apricot kompot and tea aroma of the osmanthus extract are the shining stars of the show.
Leafy-green Malaysian oud complements the tea-like aroma, an airy Indonesian oud fuses with the bright facets, and a fruity Thai oud deepens the dominant fruity-floral aroma of the precious flower. A hint of cedar gives the oil a touch of bitter woodiness, and papyrus oil gives it a crackly-dry woodiness.
A soft background ensemble of classic “bakhoor” (incense) notes one would encounter in the bridal quarter imparts the perfume an aura of ebullience and nostalgic love.

Al-Mendoos is easily the most ‘feminine’ Agar Aura fragrance. In the international scheme of things, i.e. compared to mainstream / western fragrances, that would make this the most unisex of all our fragrances, with a slight masculine leaning.

Rugged woodiness tamed by sweeter fruity-floral highlights. Let yourself fall in love.

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