Understanding Oud Oil Quality and Depth

Oud oils are very complex to understand. How can I understand the quality of the oud oil I have on hand? Good question and there’s no silver bullet answer for this. There are many criteria and factors that would dictate the quality and price of your oud oil. Rarity of the oud being used, the method of distillation, the age of the oud being used and the geo-location it comes from are all factors that contribute to the quality and price of your oil. However, there are some tips and signs that might help you understand or identify that quality of your oud oil. First, buying your oud oil should be from a reputable trusted source; the oud market is huge and there’s a lot of cheating going on out there. Second, based on the oud quality used and the process of distillation, the scent of the oud oil should take you on a journey with an interesting pattern. What does the journey and pattern look like? To be continued in the next part…

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