Nha Trang Attar


Composed of premium, wild Vietnamese oud and precious flowers (including a hefty dose of tuberose), this is one of the most expensive attars we’ve showcased to date.

Exceptionally diffusive, with a piercing fresh opening soon engulfed in the rich creaminess of tuberose sweetened with deep red jasmine. Whiff by whiff, a cherry sweetness contrasted by that tart-sour-softly-bitter sinensis signifier layers the zingy opening in a blanket of oudy bliss.

Some got a sneak peak during Black Friday and LOVED it—and then practically demand its release…

We couldn’t ignore the encouragement and praise, so here’s your chance to get a whiff of a scent that bites with a Guallam citrus floral aroma I haven’t smelled in even the zestiest orange Hainans.

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