Jardin de Borneo Gardenia


“As a child, I was exposed to lush fertile jungles with tea gardens nearby. The air was rife with the scent of green foliage, earth and moisture mingling with the creamy scent of ripe wild fruits and berries alongside the creamy narcotic scent of white and yellow florals.

In this series of three rare compositions I try to recreate this precious childhood memory by using extremely rare floral enfleurage and super rare oud from the Borneo region called Bois D’Borneo by Ensar oud. In this edition, I used Gardenia but tuberose and white ginger lily versions are also available.” — Sultan Pasha


Top: gardenia enfleurage, jasmine sambac enfleurage.

Middle: lavender absolute, tuberose absolute, gardenia absolute, sandalwood.

Base: Bois de Borneo (rare Borneo oud by Ensar oud), katrafay, tonka absolute, calamus, Haitian vetiver, galbanum, civet, ambergris.

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