Aurum D’Angkhor


“For your attention, I present to you the pinnacle of my compositions made using the best of the best and unprecedented levels of craftsmanship… Aurum D’Angkhor.

To make this composition, I scoured endlessly for two years to source the right materials and took just as long to prepare each individual accord: jasmine with the right properties and facets, saffron strands from Iran and Spain, saffron resinoid and essential oil, finest Persian rose with the right amount of tartness, Bulgarian rose absolute with the right amount of honeyed sweetness, tobacco with balanced facets, Mysore sandalwood with the right level of creaminess and woodiness, ambergris with the necessary tobacco facets and qualities, oud with the right facets and levels of complexity, etc! Etc! Etc! I could literally just go on and on…

This is indeed a blend fit for royalty where the king is the oud and the queen is the jasmine, who have chosen their loyal council very carefully to create a harmonious kingdom… and the kingdom is called Aurum D’Angkhor.

Rather than using the commonly available Jasminum sambac or Jasminum grandiflorum, I decided to use a species rarely used in modern perfumery… Jasminum auriculatum. This is in between the two I mentioned earlier but with added complexity and facets such as honeyed yellow florals, orange blossom and tuberose!
The oud I used for Aurum D’Angkhor is an exceptionally rare Cambodian oud called Encens D’Angkhor by oud artisan extraordinaire Ensar Oud!

When I first smelt Encens D’Angkhor two years ago, I was immediately mesmerised by its beauty and sheer complexity… There and then, I decided I simply had to create a masterpiece from this magical secretion… and two years later Aurum D’Angkhor was born!” —Sultan Pasha


Top: saffron oil, jasmine auriculatum absolute, Persian rose otto.

Middle:Bulgarian damascena absolute, Champaca Absolute, honey absolute, orange blossom, henna, tobacco.

Base: EnsarOud’s Encens D’Angkhor, aged Hindi oud, beeswax, hand-macerated ambergris, hand-made Shamama (aged sandalwood, 30-year-old patchouli, henna, labdanum, Siamese benzoin, musk) raw Persian and Spanish Saffron strands maceration, Siamese benzoin resinoid, labdanum, tobacco absolute, Mysore sandalwood, white ambergris.

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