“A rich olfactive tapestry interwoven with three different types of golden tobacco, honeyed florals and spices to give a luxurious golden aura. For this composition I’ve revisited techniques used in the followin bestselling compositions namigly: Aurum D’Angkhor, Irisoir, Tabac Grande, Moonlit Reverie amongst others. By creating this extremely complex composition I wanted to pay homage to everything I’ve learnt thus far and apply them in to one single composition to explore the possibilities…… this is the final result Tabacaurum Notes:TopIranian Saffron, jasmine Sambac, Orange blossom , oriental tobacco MiddleOsmanthus absolute, Virginian Tobacco, orange blossom absolute, tuberose absolute, ylang Ylang, Carnation, Orris Butter, Cambodian OudBase Burley Tobacco, sandalwood Mysore, Honey absolute, Siamese benzoin, Hindi Oud, white ambergris, natural Ambrettolide isolate“ —Sultan Pasha

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