“My magnum opus dedicated to the quintessential of all Arabic mukhallats…Taifi rose and oud. For this composition, as with Aurum D’Angkhor, I obtained the finest ingredients I could obtain. For Juriah I used not just any Taifi rose, no!… for Juriah I obtained two different 2019 distillations of Taifi rose from the same prize-winning distillery… one using traditional wood burning heaters and the other purely Taifi rose petals.

To accentuate the fruitiness of the Taifi rose I bridged it with Cambodian oud using precious osmanthus and the sharp citric tartness of the Taifi with rarely used and precious Indian and Chinese chrysanthemum absolute. Whilst all this is happening, the Hindi oud is always there in the forefront from start to finish enveloping you with its spicy, warm, leathery oudy cocoon, tempered by mimosa and ambergris.

Juriah is truly a complex diva that’s dramatic and full of mischief.” —Sultan Pasha



Taifi rose (2 different distillations), rosa alba otto, Turkish rose otto,


Osmanthus, chrysanthemum absolute , centifollia rose absolute, Damscena rose absolute, Cambodian oud


Aged Hindi oud, chrysanthemum absolute, mimosa, leather, Siamese benzoin, amber, musk, white ambergris

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