In perfume, lavender absolute is a heart note, with semi-solid texture. It’s a staple in my perfume.


Lavender is one of the most versatile oils in not just perfumery, but for aromatherapy and personal use — it’s the Panadol of the plant world, being used to treat headaches throughout the ages. It’s meaning goes back to lavera which roughly mean to wash, or clean. Traditionally, to clean wounds.


On top of that, it’s relaxing and soothing properties are what make lavender an essential addition to everything from soap to facial creams to bath oils. In fact, a simple dab on a cloth to put next to your bed goes a long way.


Some aromatics are abrasive depending on what you line it up with. But lavender is exceptionally adaptable and interacts in so many ways to enhance your perfumes.


For personal use, lavender is used to treat a long list of ailments and is so widely used because it’s easily one of the safest aromatics.  It’s naturally anti-septic, non-irritable, and so amazingly versatile.


Add a drop to your bath, your body lotion or to a diffuser to experience lavender’s calming effects directly.

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