When it comes to oud, we all have things that make us tick. Some of us simply love Indian oud over everything else. Others go all Indonesian. If there’s a hint of barn, it’s not for you. Some prefer flowers over fruit or woods to wetlands. But for a few of us, taste boils down to the details. So much so that the unique scent that makes you go “Ahhhhh, that’s what I’m talking about!” can only come from… a copper pot.

Take the same ingredients used to steel distill Thai Phalaka - probably the fruitiest smelling oud ever - and run it through copper instead, and you’ve got… flowers, flowers, flowers!

Artisanal oud oil is rich and complex, with scent notes tightly dancing together. While it retains that delicious fruity Thai base, Namasoma brings out a floral dimension in pure oud oil that is unmatched. Its scent progression is slow and gives you plenty of time to get stuck amidst freesias and sweet peas before you’re thrown into a mash of freshly crushed magnolia petals. If you’re a copper connoisseur, there’s no way around not getting a bottle of this.

Because of its super accessible floweriness, Namasoma is perfect to wear around the unaccustomed Western palette. You might just have somebody in the office cry out, “Who brought the carnations?”

This is the long-awaited successor to Saumanasa that showcases the depth and quality we’ve been working hard to capture over the last few years in our mission to produce artisanally crafted organic oud. We’ve fine-tuned our distillation methods as well as our business partnerships in order to take the weight off your wallet and help support the preservation of wild agarwood trees. Join the journey: perfume the world with organic oud!

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