Spirit of Japan


Spirit of Japan by Elixir Attar takes you on a spiritually elevating journey where you get to experience the Japanese Kodo tradition and incense burning ceremonies; Imagine yourself walking through the Imperial courts of Japan, with incense burning and aromas of spices, burnt aloes-wood (oud), resins, and flowers tingle with your sensations.

Olfactory list:

Top notes

gardenia enfleurage, turmeric, fenugreek, cinammon, anise, cloves

Middle notes

heliotrope, labdanum, cypress, cumin

Base notes

sandalwood, musk, ambergris, cedarwood, patchouli, benzoin, Vietnamese oud, Papuan oud, styrax


Elixir Attar perfumes are handcrafted and made of 100% of the highest quality natural extracts and are unisex.

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