Bhutan Blue


Over the past two years, Ensar Oud started brewing unique Hindi hybrids like Naga Layyen to shift gears and take Organic Oud to the next level. And the reception has been fantastic.

“A very rich and deeply exploitative experience for the price.“

“The price point is kind of ridiculous. I am so grateful for the opportunity.”

“Did I mention affordable?”

Here’s the difference:

Ensar distilled Naga Layyen to prove a point: That Hindi oud doesn’t have to smell like musty, pickled wood… nor do you need to pay four times the price to enjoy its fragrance.

But if mozzarella is too mild for you… if you want your oud to bite with gorgonzola teeth, then Bhutan Blue is your way to go!

So, to fuel your love for classic funk, yet round off the harsh edges, remove the overtly stinky twang of lower-grade distills (which is exactly what traditional soaking wants to cover up — the low-grade agarwood in the pot), and add the delicious honeybush sweetness unique to wild, mature Bhutanese aloes, this is the oud for you.

Bhutan Blue’s distillation philosophy follows that of Aroha Kyaku, but with a higher percentage of wild oud wood. At least 50% of the agarwood used for this distillation is wild, of which the bulk is old, mature Bhutanese batches harvested years ago.

The way to approach Bhutan Blue is to take a swipe and dig right in. Smell the first minute as it leads into the second into the third, then come back fifteen minutes later to smell its agallochan heart on full display. In fact, the emerging Bhutanese core intensifies by the half-hour as you quickly realize you’re smelling oud oil worth many times more than what you paid.

The distillation philosophy might be that of Aroha Kyaku, but the scent progression runs the other way.

Aroha Kyaku starts with a heavy hit of smoke that slowly evaporates into a dark-fruity heart, whereas Bhutan Blue starts more low-key, with the spice of chai and semi-creamy top notes that steadily morph into its more bestial heart where the honeybush starts to bite harder and the field of wildflowers gives off its rich, warm pollen to let you know you’re in the heart of Bhutan now.

If you crave a discreet touch of fermentation, with the pepper-floral bite of agallochas drunk on crassna, then Bhutan Blue is bound to be your go-to bottle.

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