Malindang – 2018


When wood from the Philippines started to hit the market late 2017/ early 2018, Imperial Oud was able to make good connections directly in Mindanao and offered some unbelievable woods. If you tried the brand’s Kukawari squares then you’ll know what we are talking about. Even luckier than this was the foresight to save as many of the shavings and the high-grade dust from this early crop of wood, oil was always the aim.

At the end of 2018 the brand was able to put this plan in place, teaming up with an old partner this oil was juiced in old copper pots with only a sniff of soaking. We wanted the natural wild untamed musky aroma of the wood to come through and with this, we believe we have cracked it.  It opens up with a nutty green aroma, touches of tarragon. The rich creaminess indigenous to Philippino wood starts to unveil itself with a slightly musky overtone. The dry down is a sweet rich mango skin and just the tiniest hints of cocoa.

Malindang belongs to the Imperial range or collection; “We thought it apt to put our name on only the very best oils we could produce, oils that have pushed us to the very limit and maybe beyond. This range will only have oils that have not only utilized the very best artisanal distillation methods but exceptional material. Most vendors will not be using wood of this caliber for oil, very rarely will Oud of this nature be available on the market. Prepare to be dazzled.” — A note by the brand.


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