Serie Nectar Precieux


Extrait de Parfum

“Today we are proud to present to you our second spray of the serie nectar precieux, AlHabasha.

Based on AlHabasha , in modern times Ethiopia and Eritrea, home to some of the best incense materials, perfumery materials, and coffee on Earth.

Our inspiration is utilizing a lot of these elements to create a truly exceptional sweet incense based perfume.

This perfume is laden with elemi, frankincense, African vetiver, ethiopian civet , and an Ethiopian rose accord,( built from Bulgarian Tunisian and Egyptian roses)- we could not find and distill enough roses from Ethiopia, but believe me we tried- our accord is very very close though))

, woods, Omumburi, benzoin, and dozens more of Ethiopian and Eritrean incense materials.

The new thing that was intended in the perfume, and i claim easily its the first time in history of perfumery to be done this way, was not only something related to scent as a scent, but the dynamics of diffusion were studied in a revolutionary way.

Utilizing phase diagrams our intention was to have various layers in this perfume that do not diffuse and show up one after the other, but rather in a rotational way!!

So you smell an accord then another accord hits you, then you smell the top accord again, crazy, isn’t it?!

So instead of the regular progression.


It hits you top, middle, top, top, middle, base, top, then middle

Enjoy this craziness while it lasts

Limited quantity” —Elixir Attar

The majority of Elixir’s perfumes and attars are handcrafted and made of 100% of the highest quality natural extracts and are unisex. If synthetics were used, it is indicated on the product page.

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