All The Queen’s Men


Eau de Parfum

“Dedicated to her majesty, they are born to serve their posts. Nursed and fed until ready to do the work of collecting nature’s dust and converting it to liquid gold, they now nurse and feed the next generation. Striped and fit for the many tasks to keep the castle strong, they assemble and carry out her will.

Converting flower dust into nature’s greatest elixir is not as hard as it seems. The great nectar bar of spring unfolds its brilliant colors, giving out samples to its busy customers. Buzzing and bumping from bloom to bloom, piggybacking Spring’s bold bouquet, these busy workers inspire a scent worthy of the queen herself. Rich, floral, fresh. It takes all the Queen’s Men to produce such an immaculate fragrance.

Spring orchestra tunes its strings

Buzzing waves hum, bump and go

The avant garde dance of color

Restores the painter’s palette

With hope and inspiration

Fulfilling her majesty’s wish

For never ending bounty” —Fort & Manle



Dried Fruit, Honey, Rum, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Fir balsam, Woods.

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