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Amarok Extrait de Parfum : Legendary Lupine of Inuit Folklore

I’ve long been wanting to pay homage to some homegrown, “American” aromatic stories.

Earlier this year Katana had reached out to me and pitched a unique collaboration. In the bulk of my current portfolio of work, I work to capture “Time & Place” – this felt like a perfect opportunity to tell the story of an ancient tale of the Inuit Peoples of North America.

An Amarok is a gigantic wolf in Inuit folklore, said to stalk and devour any person foolish enough to hunt alone at night. Unlike wolves who hunt in packs, Amaroks hunt alone.

Many of us artists are like an Amarok … individuals hunting compelling aromatic stories to tell. In this story – Katana Amarok and Phoenix Amarok hunt together 🐺

In his book Tales and Traditions of the Eskimo, Rink recounts several folk legends that feature the Amarok.

In one tale, a persecuted and physically stunted boy seeks to increase his strength. When he calls out to the Lord of Strength, an Amarok appears and wrestles him to the ground with its tail. This causes a number of small bones to fall from the boy’s body. The Amarok tells the boy that the bones had prevented his growth; he instructs the boy to return daily in order to develop his strength. After several days of wrestling with the amarok, the boy is strong enough to overcome three large bears, thus gaining him the esteem of his village.

@therisingphoenixperfumery and @katanaparfums are proud to present to you the scent of the stalking Amarok.

NOTES : 100% Natural

Top Notes :
Distilled Japanese Yuzu
Blue Cypress
Red Pine
Grey Pine
Black Spruce
Canadian Balsam.

Heart Notes :
Jasmines Sambac and Grand
American Magnolia

Base Notes :
Mysore Sandalwood
Vintage Patchouli
American Oak
Canadian Fir Balsam
Black Hemlock
Canadian Castoreum
French Ambergris
1840’s Birch Tar
Oliang Thai Oud
Gangaridai Oud.

An exclusive 64 bottles of 15mL Extrait de parfum will be available

15 ml Extrait de parfum

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