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Amazigh is the Arabic name referring to

Berbers or Imazighen , who are an ethnic group indigenous to North Africa, specifically Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya, and to a lesser extent Mauritania, northern Mali, and northern Niger. Smaller Berber populations are also found in Burkina Faso and Egypt’s Siwa Oasis.

The culture of incense among these indigenous groups is prevalent. Their incense normally used however isn’t those everyday things we hear about like frankincense, labdanum, or oud.

Their incense is much more exotic, much less well known and smells ridiculously good. Ammoniacum, fasookh, and black mastic are among the dozens of resins they use in their incense. To name a few, kataf, terebinth, frankincense dalzieli, copal, sandarac, ornifolia myrrh, benzoin, tragacanth, and many many more.

Our aim was to build a perfume which revolves around these smells but without being overly resinous. Problems of highly resinous perfumes are those of evaporation, these materials are super fixatives and to use ALL of them in high ratios is pure lunacy. So we designed a way to be able to bring the soul of these materials to the composition while still enjoying a perfume of regular structure of top note, middle note, and base notes.

We laced the resins with the best linden blossom extracts available and added great amounts of ambergris and rum as well as an orris based Morroccan/ Tunisian citrus accord which immediately fuses seamlessly with the resinous base notes making one of the most exotic fragrances ever to be produced by Elixir Attar.

We also added a vintage Malaysian oud oil to add woodiness to the dry down of the perfume and complete the resinous depth and it worked out very very well.

This is our tribute to the amazing Amazigh people and culture, enjoy.

One of Elixir Attar perfumers’ favorites and self worn perfumes.” —Elixir Attar

The majority of Elixir’s perfumes and attars are handcrafted and made of 100% of the highest quality natural extracts and are unisex. If synthetics were used, it is indicated on the product page.

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