You open the cork on a fine aged port, its bold sensuality seduces your nose with round, sophisticated amber curves, dark dried fruit, and a sparkle of crisp bergamot. You kick off your heels and let your body respond. As the potion opens, it reveals layers of intoxicating orange blossoms and oaky vanilla, notes of wine and bourbon mingle. Time pauses as images of auburn leaves float from maple tree branches, the fall softened by ancient sandalwood. The golden hour sun rays stream through, illuminating the amber resin jewels.

Style: Oriental, Bold Amber, Seductive, Sweet Incense, Traditional, Long Lasting

Strength: extrait de parfum

Prominent Notes:

Amber (accord), Bergamot, Agarwood (oud, sustainably sourced), Sandalwood, Vanilla, Orange Blossom, Tonka

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