Aurelius Road

Extremely Limited


A Raspberry-oud for everyone.

4 carefully blended Oud distillations drenched in red and black berries, wrapped in tobacco leaves, kissed with saffron and the most expensive Japanese roses money can buy, all resting on a bed of incense, leather and amber, with just enough animal musks to keep you sniffing.

Top: Raspberry, Lychee, Saffron, Brazilian rosewood

Heart: Blackberry, Japanese rose, Rose de mai, Olibanum, Red currant, Violet, Burly tobacco, Orris resinoid, Bourbon vanilla

Base: Cambodian oud, Thai oud, Vietnamese oud, Leather accord, Raw castoreum, Oud-castor co-tincture, Mongolian musk, Civet, Patchouli, Amber accord, Mysore santal

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