Bois d’Oud – Complete Set

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MABRA offers you to travel to South East Asia through 3 different experiences.

The material put forward is the “Oud”.

The oud is a very fragrant resin with a rich and precious aroma very coveted in the world of perfumery.

Native to Southeast Asia like a multitude of unique woods, oud holds an essential place in exotic and refreshing fragrance formulas.

This explanation stems from the tree’s reaction to imminent danger. This may be the section of branches following the monsoon or heavy tropical rains. But also fungi infecting trees, harmful insects or forest fires.

The infected or injured tree will respond by producing abundant sap. Ultimately, this natural reaction is the basis for the formation of a very fragrant dark wood. This resin takes shape on diseased trees but produces an excellent odor. Here is expressly the natural manufacturing process of aloe wood.

Known for its ability to calm the body and mind, it is very effective in treating depression and anxiety.

Without being a source of medication, it would have positive effects on mental illness or insomnia.

Thus, it allows to restore the balance of energies by exercising its faculties of well-being on the mind.

Ultimately, oud wood strengthens the beauty and health capital of those who use it.

In this limited collection you will get:

  • 1 Extrait de Parfum – 10 ml (with Oud of Hindi)
  • 1 Garment Perfume – 10 ml (with Oud of Cambodi)
  • 1 Eau de Parfum – 10 ml (with Oud of Thailand)
  • 3 sandalwood and rosewood tubes made in Asia by a craftsman
  • 1 Thuya wood box made in Essaouira in Morocco by a craftsman
  • 1 cotton pouch
  • 3 cards with information on the 3 perfumes

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