Central Park

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Central Park, a fragrance inspired by the serene beauty and timeless elegance of New York City’s iconic green space, offers an olfactory journey through a lush, verdant landscape. It masterfully combines bright, fresh top notes with a heart of floral elegance and a base of deep, sensual warmth. This perfume is perfect for those who cherish balance and sophistication, reminiscent of a leisurely stroll through Central Park in full bloom.

Top Notes

Central Park opens with an invigorating blend of Violet Leaf, Bergamot, and Coriander.

– Violet Leaf imparts a fresh, green aroma with subtle hints of floral and earthy undertones, evoking the feel of sunlit leaves rustling in a gentle breeze.

– Bergamot adds a burst of crisp citrus, introducing a vibrant and uplifting start, reminiscent of the early morning light filtering through the canopy of trees.

– Coriander, with its spicy, slightly nutty scent, provides an exotic twist that adds depth and complexity to the initial burst of freshness.

Together, these top notes create a bright, invigorating opening that draws you in with its freshness and vitality, setting the stage for the unfolding journey.

Middle Notes 

As the initial brightness begins to subside, Central Park transitions into its heart, featuring Rose Bulgaria, Black Pepper, and Lily of the Valley.

– Rose Bulgaria is the star of the mid-notes, delivering a rich, deep floral fragrance with a touch of sweetness and a hint of spice. It evokes the image of blossoming roses in a hidden garden within the park, both majestic and delicate.

– Black Pepper brings a warm spiciness that contrasts beautifully with the sweetness of the rose, adding a layer of complexity and intrigue. It’s reminiscent of the lively energy of the park, with its myriad of activities and visitors.

– Lily of the Valley contributes a fresh, green floral note that enhances the overall bouquet, adding a soft, airy quality. It breathes lightness and elegance into the heart of the fragrance, symbolizing the array of delicate flowers scattered throughout the park.

This blend of floral and spice in the middle notes creates a sophisticated and balanced heart, embodying the essence of springtime in Central Park.

Base Notes

As the fragrance dries down, it reveals a rich and opulent base composed of Bourbon Vanilla, Ethiopian Civet, Siberian Deer Musk, Ambergris, Cambodian Oud, Tobacco, and Oakmoss.

– Bourbon Vanilla brings a creamy sweetness and warmth, enveloping the senses with its comforting, gourmand touch.

– Ethiopian Civet and Siberian Deer Musk add animalic depth, enhancing the longevity and sensuality of the perfume.

– Ambergris lends a sweet, marine note that is both mysterious and alluring.

– Cambodian Oud contributes its rich, resinous character with a hint of smokiness, adding to the fragrance’s complexity.

– Tobacco introduces a warm, slightly sweet, and earthy note, evoking the smell of tobacco leaves carried by a gentle breeze.

– Oakmoss provides a grounding, earthy finish, reminiscent of the forest floor, completing the fragrance with its robust, mossy aroma.

Central Park is a meticulously crafted perfume that captures the essence of nature’s beauty and urban sophistication. It transitions seamlessly from a bright, fresh opening through a heart of floral elegance to a base of deep, complex warmth. Ideal for those who appreciate balance and multilayered complexity in a scent, Central Park is a timeless, elegant fragrance perfect for any occasion that calls for grace and sophistication.


Violet Leaf, Bergamot, Coriander, Balck Pepper, Lily of The Valley, Bourbon Vanilla, Ethiopian Civet, Siberian Deer Musk, Ambergris, Cambodian Oud, Tobacco, and Oakmoss.

Perfumer: Jaka Umbaran

Concentration: 45% Extrait de Parfum

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