Chypre Royale

A Trefle Experience


Extrait de Parfum

“Okay, so to get to the point directly, one of the most celebrated and most well known types of perfumes are the chypres. Fougeres are common too, albeit linked nowadays to aftershave types of smells.

Foin? Trefle?, ever even heard about them?, i don’t think so, and if you did, its mostly in old books, about perfume making.

The difference between foin and fougere is very small, with fougere being a little bit fresher, the difference between chypre and trefle is even smaller, with trefle being a bit more spicy.

Coty chypre, Chanel No.5, Guerlain Mitsuoko, Diaghilev, and Roja Haute Luxe, are all names of great chypres that will live to be, they are not made to be worn but to be commemorated in perfume history books.

For the first time, we at Elixir Attar are entering the market with a spray perfume which is classical as classical can get, and our objective is to put it up there alongside these giants in the perfume history books. The new thing is that its named a chypre as a name only, but its a chypre/trefle.

To produce such a perfume, synthetics have to be used, but our chypre/trefle is not going to be predominantly synthetic like most of these compositions are , but rather we are seeking to fuse natural perfumery and synthetics in ways that were rarely done before.

Chypre royale is our message to the world of perfumery, this is what we can do with synthetics being used and our secret methods which we gained through experience. All natural perfumery is great, and has its audience, but it has its limitations, and no matter how good you are, there will always be great differences between what you can achieve with synthetics and the best naturals, specially in spray formats.

It is our belief that a very skilled natural perfumer cannot be called a perfumer fully if they never used synthetics, because after all, the reality is modern perfumery utilizes technology and aroma-chemistry in almost magical ways, and to NOT use them at any point of your perfumery career shows lack of skill and openness to learn and experiment. Or if you avoid these synthetics for ethical or health concerns, then its perfectly fine a decision and to be respected, but you are missing on a lot.

Quite simply, chypre royale is the crystallization of all these thoughts in a bottle, its not a simple perfume, its a perfume which when teaching perfumery, we will use to explain a lot about perfumery, it will blow your mind.

The naturals used will include both deer musk and ambergris as well as various oak moss extracts.

olfactory description:

Top Notes: citrus, spices

Middle Notes: Florals

Base Notes: Resins, deer musk, ambergris, oak moss

Our perfumes and attars are handcrafted and made primarily of the highest quality natural extracts and are unisex. If synthetics were used, it is indicated on the product page.

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