Cologne Du Bois

Limited Edition


Lately we’ve been trying and buying some vintage mens fragrance, and they are Gorgeous. We were captivate by the structure, and harmony they gave us. Most of them giving us the impression being inside antique barbershop in 1900’s, they are floral, powdery yet gave us irresistable masculine vibes. So with these factors in mind. We tried our best to recreate such impression using our own style. And Cologne du Bois is the result of that thought process, the scent of antique barbershop and their aftershave cologne.
Top notes: Bergamot, Nutmeg, Cardamom, Kaffir Lime, & Mandarin
Middle notes: ylang-ylang, Jasmine, & magnolia
Base notes: labdanum, Cambodi Agarwood, Cedarwood & Sandalwood.
[Limited Bottles Available]
Concentration: 35%
Perfumer: Jaka Umbaran
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