Crime & Punishment


Crime & Punishment is pepper-spicy right from the start, tampered by the sweetness of raspberry fused with frankincense and ylang-ylang that boasts the added umami of blue lotus’ buttery warmth, all riding a chariot of decades-old Royal Tonkin Musk.

Just like agarwood has Kinam and the rose world has Royal Taifi, musk has Tonkin.

The funny thing is both kinam and Tonkin musk originate in Vietnam, and each represents the pinnacle of their aromatic class. Tonkin musk is the rarest musk in the world. For years now, it’s practically impossible to find genuine Tonkin pods, and it has turned into the Holy Grail of all things musk. If you’ve searched for pods, you know that the dealers themselves are searching for the fabled Tonkin pods…

Rising through the Tonkin, a raspberry sweetness emerges, already admixed with the musk-morphed blue lotus that creates this strange post-modern chypre.

Mimosa and coffee mingled with rose and jasmine all vape through a prism of sandalwood and musk to form a steady tone that lasts for hours.
Top Notes:

Ginger, Coriander, Peach, Fir, Pepper, Blue Cypress

Heart Notes:

Ylang Ylang, Mimosa, Jasmine

Coffee, Petitgrain, Austrian Rose, Raspberry

Blue Lotus, Frangipani


Base Notes:

Sultan Qaboos’ Sandalwood Oil

Hojari Frankincense, Vintage Maroke Oud

Wild Cambodian Oud
Fixatives and Carriers:

Sultan Qaboos’ Vintage Tonkin Musk

80s Mysore Sandalwood


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