EO No. 2


Musk drinking black tea under a canopy of cedar. Himalayan rose and coriander waltz onto the floor with subtle wafts of rare Sambac on top in a primal, peppery scent of steaming bedroom sweat, spent. Full-grain, veg-tanned Italian calf hide hand-worked by leather legend Habib Dingle to add some proper animalis to the husky heart bulging with civet and spice.

Ensar Oud No. 2 entrances your nose like Chris Burkhard’s lens does the eye. From the colored slopes of Namaqualand to remote shrubs lining surfing coasts; horses galloping through Tibetan mountain routes.

While EO No. 1 was a study in leather and tobacco, EO No. 2, brings to life a 15-year-long obsession with musk.

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