Fès Leather

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The city of Fès in Morocco has been famous for leather tanning for centuries. Hence, the name of the fragrance originated. The names have evolved since my first note in my journal. Initially, it was named “The Tanners’ Path,” but since tanning has disappeared in this street located in Tunisia, I changed it to other names. Finally, it settled on “Fès Leather.”

Just as cities are homes and memories, my perfumes are designed to carve a mark in your present and remain timeless in your future. As you wander near the tannery in the city of Fès, the scent of traditionally tanned leather emanates from “Shawara.” The materials used are natural; two types of Laotian oud were blended, the first is aged with sweet incense notes and the second is smoky and woody with an animalic touch, both carrying leather notes.

Oud and leather، two parallel lines since the beginning, opening with Spanish saffron with balanced, gentle touches of spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. To sustain the leather scent, it was necessary to enhance it with green mango extract, osmanthus flower, and labdanum in the first stage, and then add Turkish rose extract so that oud does not dominate over leather in the second stage.

As for the base, I leave it to you to discover on your own, you will be captivated by a fragrance from another world.

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