Fougere Kosmos Del Emilia


Extrait de Parfum (25% concentration)

Imagine walking through the old streets of Paris filled withperfumed ladies and gentlemen cheering and chanting, exchanging hugs and just enjoying life. This pleasant atmosphere is enhanced by an interplay of their perfumes which are – unlike those of today – were made with real natural ingredients.

While contemporary French perfumes still serve as a benchmark for many perfumers, the charm of the past has been lost. This is why this attar seeks to honor the old convention of French perfumery. For its composition we have used oils that were used in traditional (vintage) French perfumes before synthetics became the standard in perfumery, French or otherwise.

While many perfume companies offer a wide variety of chypres, fougère formulations are not as common (as they used to be) given that to create a fougère, one needs to use real natural ingredients (such as oakmoss). This is exactly what we did with this perfume-attar. We sought out the highest quality natural ingredients to formulate Fougère Kosmos del Emilia.

The aim was to show that (unlike contemporary fougères) real fougère perfumes do not have to smell soapy, boring and aftershave-like. Our fougère composition will change the common perception about this particular genre.

”This perfume is a dedication to my daughter, Emilia! I created this perfume to be as dear to me as my daughter is dear to me.” —Elixir Attar

Top notes: bergamot

Middle notes: jasmine, lavender, champaca, ylang ylang, rose de mai, Chinese rose, Turkish rose

Base notes: tonka bean, oakmoss, patchouli, civet (ethically harvested), butter


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