Harem Rose


Eau de Parfum

“The Art of Seduction is as old as the flower that marks its most sincere and alluring promises. Beautiful. Smooth. Sensual. Her petals play their gentle part, initiating the ritual with her soft and silky dance. Her oils lace the lover’s palace with their lush appetite for embrace. Subtle musk undertones emerge and fill the secluded chamber.

Lush and silky whispers fill the air. Combinations of Vanilla and Damascene Rose heighten the mood, while a nuanced velvety Cashmere invites intrigue. Sensual desires craving more, seek out deeper layers. Woods and the unmistakable earthiness of Vetiver bring to mind a warm fireplace, the perfect compliment to her rich floral blanket.


Rose petals fill the air

Her seduction has just begun

Relax and close your eyes

Feel the gentle velvet touch

Warm comfort and soft caress

Shadows in the moonlight

Beautiful and light” —Fort & Manle


Rose, Amber, Benzoin, Vanilla, Woods, Musk, Vetiver.

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