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“Today we are very proud to present out first perfume in our China perfume series.

One of the most challenging things to do as a perfumer was to find the right ingredients that reflect one of the richest histories and cultures in existence. Even more difficult was to settle on the naming of the perfume(s), and in this we had amazing help from our dear friend and China specialist Danielle from Hong Kong, her help in providing the right literary sources was impeccable. Not only did she send me some ancient texts about perfumery and incense from China, she also helped me assimilate a lot of this vast plethora of information. This mention is the least we can do to show our special thanks to her at Elixir Attar.

HUAXIA is a name that reflect many things about China, it reflects the rich culture, the ancient civilization, and the amazing diversity.

There is probably no literal translation for the word even if we try.

If we closely examine scents in Chinese history and culture we will find that they are numerous and too many to contain in one composition, hence the decision to make a whole series on Chinese scents.

Huaxia is about the floral musk elements, with Chinese wild Hainan CO2 Sinesis agarwood at the base with musk and the best Chinese florals of Jasmine Sambac, Osmanthus, and Sichuan pepper, just to name a few.

The result is an amazing floral oud bouquet that pierces through the citrus top notes and lies on a bed of musk that brings it all together.” —Elixir Attar


Top: Sichuan Pepper, Neroli

Middle: Chinese Jasmine Sambac , Chinese Osmanthus

Base: Musk, Wild Sinesis Hainan CO2 agarwood

Limited Quantity Available!

The majority of Elixir’s perfumes and attars are handcrafted and made of 100% of the highest quality natural extracts and are unisex. If synthetics were used, it is indicated on the product page.

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