Jasmin Antique


Jasmin Antique EDT

A jasmine grandiflorum soliflore. It is lovely! The nose wanted to convey the effect of the blossoms permeating the air.


Jasmine Grandiflorum blossoms, musk, clove, vanilla

This is an unbounded exquisite vintage beauty created and built around complex natural jasmine grandiflorum. It’s an opulent distictive fragrance, with an astounding take on jasmine harmonizing with few other elements to achieve a cheerfully calming and hypnotic white floral with flowing tones of lush petals, fruitiness, and animalic sensuality. Rest assured, you will be sniffing your wrists all day as you go on this wonderful Jasmine journey ride. Simply, this is a rare antique Jasmine masterpiece that resembles nothing.

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