Khaan is a creation inspired by the emperor Cengiz Khaan I decided to work on a very complex perfume very rich in noble ingredients as the history of this Mongolian empire.

We also find ingredients from the four corners of the world as the history of this conqueror, we find as an ingredient the rose of Taif of Saudi Arabia, the rose of Damascus of Isparta in Turkey, the damask rose from India, the ruh gulab, the sambac jasmine from the Himalayas, the oud from Cambodia, the Persian saffron from Kesar, the green mandarin from Italy, and of course the famous Siberian musk from Russia.

Are you ready for an olfactory journey on the plains between Russia and Asia, you will be transported through the history of the Mongolian conquerors
that leaves an indelible trace as Cengiz the conqueror.

Top note : Italian mandarin, pink lotus.

Heart note: Himalayan sambac jasmine, Taif rose, Turkish rose, ruh gulab Indian rose, Iranian saffron.

Base note: Siberian Musk, Oud cambodia, Rose.

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