Kinam Urjuani

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Purple Kinam. Perhaps the most unusual of all the Kinam flavors, with its spicy-floral overtones riding currents of soporific cooked milk and minty-powdery-vanillic-resinous goo, and just the slightest touch of fruit and leather. And fizzy cola.

It might sound like a lot of seemingly incongruent scent notes, but they all come together to produce a highly addictive – bordering narcotic – aroma.

If you smelled our oud oil Ketenangan, you will have an idea. But unlike Ketenangan which was distilled from agarwood harvested in the Indonesian island of Sumbawa, Kinam Urjuani was made with agarwood from a jungle in Cambodia, in the province of Kampong Som – the first oud oil in the world from this jungle.

A select few Agar Aura patrons got to smell the oil “Song of Som” (without exception, all were amazed by its aroma), but the remaining oil was all used for formulating this parfum.

Purple kinam is arguably the most perfumy of all kinams.
Kinam Urjuani captures the scent of gently heated purple kinam, with just a hint of high-temperature singed kinam which brings out the berried leather facet.

The opening hits you with a blast of tingly spicy-floral notes, very similar to our Kinam Attar (white kinam also happens to be one of the more floral varieties of kinam).
As the high octane opening starts to settle a bit, that’s when things start to get interesting. There’s the usual minty-bitter-sweet tango that’s the unmistakable signature of all kinams, but here a violet-hued floral notes start to bloom. Heady and strawberried like freesia, but not as cloyingly sweet. Powdery like orris butter, herbaceous like lavender or geranium but less herbal, more honeyed, and decidedly more purple.

Lovers of ultra ultra high end oud already know what this note is; there is no way to describe it except as a twangy purple flower from another planet. With a fizzy yet dark cola backdrop.

Exuding the understated class and elegance of our Kinam series “soliflore” parfums, Kinam Urjuani happens to be the most complex of them all. So despite the sophisticated minimalism of the aroma, the captivating overtones give it an allure that will turn heads and keep your own nose glued to your wrist. And your mind, blissed out.

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