Kyara Koko


Kyara Koko by Ensar Oud will make you lose your train of thoughts. This mouthwatering refreshing oud fragrance will make you feel like you are right in the thick of a Tasmanian rainforest, smelling clementine peels and lime. A blossoming jungle that enveloped by the warm cozy comfort of earth and woods. Yet, you find the most unique and daring notes of spices and fruits making their way to the top.

The delicious pulse of the jungle hits you like an ancient narcotic. Although it teases you almost from the start, the buttery heart of the fragrance waltzes in full apparel only after a while. It’s at this point you find yourself amidst the sweet citrus Tasmanian lush, gazing upon a lily pond, adrift the smoke of green vibrant incense.

It’s not like many perfumes where it smells like the ‘perfumer’ just blended a bunch of random ingredients together, without the (years worth of) expertise to know what moves with what, and where to… kind of like jazz, just done wrong. Kayara Koko’s ingredients dance in an impeccable, wonderful, and exquisite manner whilst delivering a tenacious unforgettable aura.

This is a breathtaking citrusy, jungly, incensy, and an earthy bottle of bliss made for him and her. Absolutely elegant and uplifting, and wearable anywhere and anytime.

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