Last of D’Agar

Limited Edition


“Oud aficionados behold! The wait is finally over.

The world’s finest Oud fragrance is here, the first of its kind.

A feat that has never been attempted before, because many would consider it madness.

The objective was to create an Oud fragrance like no other. In order to create this fragrance, I was afforded a very rare opportunity to access a library of precious Oud oils from a private collection. After selecting 85 varieties of Oud, a majority of them being wild Agarwood varieties from trees that are now extinct, the work had begun.

Meticulously blending to achieve the most pleasant facets of Oud, without the funk.

Rather than the usual pungent Oud with confronting barnyard notes, Last of d’Agar whispers soft hints of honey, dried fruit, oak whisky barrels, moistened bark, ripe fig, and marmalade vapour. This is not only a unique scent experience but also an intimate and meditative one.

Only a small number of Last of d’Agar bottles were made using these extremely rare and expensive materials.

This is a rare opportunity not to be missed by any true Oud collector.” —Rasei Fort

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