Los Vientos De Santa Ana


Eau de Parfum

Wind-swept, Dry Woods, A scorched coastal Utopia. Mysterious, foreboding. “The Santa Ana Winds”

I aimed to create an evocative fragrance to transport the user to a locale that is sun-bleached, sweeping, inviting, and awe-inspiring. I intended to contrast this idyllic setting with the disquieting, destructive force of nature as an almost mythical and malevolent ‘entity’. The unpredictability of this phenomena has been known to jangle nerves, causing uneasiness and dread.

My hope with creating this fragrance is to blend natural woods, earthy greens with salty marine notes and burnt hues of birch. By combining a slightly crisp component, giving it an airy, windswept feel, results in a dry coastal dream – however, there exists within it, a veil of foreboding melancholy lurking in the distance. – Ali


Top: Bitter Orange, Orange Blossom

Middle: Ambergris, Aquatic notes, Amber

Base: Cypress, Birch Tar, Vetiver, Wood notes, Guaicwood.

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