Salient Notes: Jungle


Chances are, you haven’t heard of half the stuff in this juice – let alone smelled them.

Malayaku means ‘My Malaysia’ with connotations of adoration and possessive love. It is an homage to the land I love, the country I have called home for the past 7 years.
Just as Java was inspired by my first trip to Java island, Malayaku follows the same theme but this time it encompasses my exponentially vaster experiences in Malaysia – from jungle treks to local cuisines and rare aromatics.

At the core is wild Malaysian oud from Kedah State, north-west Malaysia, where our distillation factory is located.

Lifting up this core is an exotic base comprising of aromatics including Pandan leaf extract, tinctured black tea from Cameron Highlands (Pahang, Malaysia), and bitey Betel leaf extract. Hints of lemongrass and ginger lily ensures the scent profile remains unmistakably tropical Asian.
The first-ever Malaysian vetiver distillation; our own in-house brew that is devoid of all the oddities of the bulk of market-grade vetiver distillations out there (ranging from motor oil to burning VHS tape), was carefully designed to preserve the fantastic aroma of actual vetiver roots. There’s also dry-distilled frankincense which, together with the vetiver, imparts a rich dark-leathery-smoky flavor.
Kayu Kemenyan and Raja Kayu add a wonderfully rich balsamic woody resinous flare to the cola-peppery-jungly oud, while our Champaca flower, mimosa flower (yes, actual Mimosa!), and Bunga Raya extracts prettify the otherwise-ultra-masculine aromatic palette.

If you enjoyed Java, you will absolutely love Malayaku. If you’ve yearned to travel across South East Asia but couldn’t, don’t fret. Malayaku is a journey in a bottle, no visa required.

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