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“We present our finest perfume so far, Metamorfosis.
Over 10 months in production, this limited batch is a multi-layered fragrance. Created using special method we aim to make another S.O.E (Strange Olfactory Experience) following the success of Fetus Skyfall, Dark Desire & Rengganis. Metamorfosis is what we envision to be the nature of ever-changing reality, when it can turn upside-down. Fate and reality are strange things, it can be ugly sometimes. Inspired by the famous book of Franz Kafka, hence the name. You will get different scents and nuances once you dive to the abyss. It has powdery, Light woody and fresh top notes. Sweet and floral middle notes that incorporate the crown jewel of perfumery, Boronia. Woody and incensy base notes. This is what we like to call as art anomaly, you need to peel each layer patiently and it will shine in full glory when you get the essence of its true identity.” —UCCA Oud
Top notes:
Rosewood, clove, Citruses, White Rose, ylang-ylang & osmanthus
Middle notes:
Boronia Absolute, Butter CO2, Coconut CO2, Hay absolute, Beeswax Absolute, Civet Oud by Ensar Oud, Turkish Rose by Ensar Oud, Rose de Mai by Ensar Oud, Blue Lotus by Ensar Oud, Bulgarian Rose Absolute, Egyptian Jasmine Absolute, & amber fossil
Base Notes:
Cedarwood, Boja Candy Oud Oil by Suko Oud, Central Kerinci Oud Oil by Suko Oud, Mysore Sandalwood, Labdanum & Musk Accord
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