3x 30 ml Set


Mignardises (3x 30 ml Set)

“Mignardises” is a French word for delicious little pastries or other delicacies in a small format. The size of two or three bites (or one for the most gourmand among us), mignardises often accompany a coffee or a tea as a small dessert. Our perfumer has been inspired by this “Parisian bistro treat” to bring you a set of 3 small 30ml bottles, each one better than the next.

Gingerbread & Brown Sugar

Top: Cinnamon, Ginger, Caramel

Middle: Amber, Nutmeg, Biscuit

Base: Vanilla, Benzoin, Brown Sugar

Realistic gingerbread coated with a delicate brown sugar. It’s the time of the year where lights sparkle and eyes shines. This irresistible fragrance is not edible, but someone could bite you! Spicy

Pumpkin & Marshmallow

Top: Pumpkin, Cinnamon, Clove

Middle: Tonka Bean, Wheat, Sugar

Base: Pumpkin, Sandalwood, Marshmallow

We added some spices to our gourmand pumpkin to let you feel one of the most cozy time of the year! Warm and delicious ingredients blended together with a touch of marshmallow pops for you to bring memories.

Chestnut Cream & French Vanilla

Top: Chestnut, Coffee, Vanilla

Middle: Chocolate, Tonka Bean

Base: Vanilla, Toffee, Peru Balsam

A mouthwatering chestnut cream as if you had prepared it yourself! Delicious and opulent, this fragrance will warm you up for the season. The French vanilla cream makes it a signature of unforgettable moments.

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