Mile High


Eau de Parfum

The lusciously sweet-smelling immortelle flowers with its intoxicating aroma and striking fortitude are what inspire Mile High, a dynamic, sexy, modern unisex fragrance dedicated to those who thrive no matter what challenges life has to offer.

It’s only appropriate that the immortelle absolute that animates the heart of Mile High hails from Corsica, an island renowned for its rugged beauty. Sweet and earthy with a hint of spice, it pairs perfectly with a juicy, sharp, gently smoky pineapple note to create a stunning unisex profile that feels fresh, substantial, and undeniably seductive. Combined with the sensual depth of Venezuelan tonka bean and Indonesian patchouli. This is seriously sexy stuff. Like the immortelle itself, we suspect Mile High is going to be thriving for years to come.


Immortelle, tonka, patchouli, and pineapple

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