Extrait de Parfum

St. Petersburg, circa 1897
Mr Bojnokopff’s Purple Hat is the title of my most elaborate feat of illusion, which had astounded and enthralled viewers, en masse in years gone by.

Hastily filling my grand, purple suede top hat with the finest French lavender, vanilla and lashings of rich Belgian chocolate, creating a small explosion, resulting in a thick plume of white smoke.

Smoke dissipating, my vanishing act begins, with mouths agape as my hat is all that remains on stage.

This has now been branded pretentious, hackneyed and “of its time”.

I always preferred a nice woody gourmand anyway!

Olfactory Description

A fragrance of delicate potency, Mr. Bojnokopff’s Purple Hat wraps sacred Oud in thin wispy white smoke. To give a grand, classically Western disposition, the combination of French Lavender and Vanilla adds a well-mannered stroke of fougere to the composition, while rich Belgian Chocolate deepens the scent. To support the mysterious focal point of Oud, Vetiver adds an unctuous slick, while Guaicwood and Cedarwood lend a shady quality to the fragrance.

Perfume type: Woody Gourmand

Perfumer: Rasei Fort

Year: 2015
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