Musk Exhibited


I am privileged to have worked on Musk Exhibited with Ahmed, owner of Elixir Attar. We aimed to use our best techniques to make you mad.

After thinking long and deep about the final expression of this unique Musk fragrance, its name came into my imagination as if there could be no other.

It’s all about showing off the musk and introducing it to you in its most beautiful manifestation.

We have managed to keep the musk from the top note to the base of the scent profile. Looking for a thrill and need to let other people know that your scent is precious? Musk Exhibited is a masterwork and proof of a mutual commitment to quality ingredients.


Siberian Musk Grain Tincture, Vietnamese Frangipani, Australian Fragonia, Ambrette, Pink Lotus, Tuberose, Gurjum Balsam.

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