Extrait de Parfum (25% concentration)

After hundreds of rounds and rounds of trial and error and a lot of $$$ lost in experimentation 🤣🤣 we are proudly presenting to you the epitome of tobacco attars – Mythique Attar!!

This attar is a redefinition of tobacco attars (and we don’t mean tobacco note; we mean real tobacco!). This is everything: subtle, sexy, pheromonic, masculine, feminine, and incredibly dynamic.

With golden Spanish saffron strands diffusing their aroma in this perfumery masterpiece, you will get an extremely potent, musky and leathery aura surrounding you, but that’s not all.

The attar features tobacco that was specially distilled for Elixir Attar, in addition to three different tobacco extracts, Kashmiri saffron essential oil, Honeysuckle enfleurage, helichrysum, deer musk maceration in sandalwood, Taif rose, osmanthus, brown ambergris and saffron threads co-macerated in French honey absolute, coffee, and tons more!!!

Tobacco and coffee play a central role in Mythique; however,I can equate the quality and richness of this attar to the famous and beloved Elixir Attar Ghaliyas.” —Elixir Attar

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