Hathorian Elixir


Nefertum features the following notes: Blue Lotus, Cardamon, Saffron, Cinnamon, Clove, Taif Rose, Myrrh, Frankincense and Mysore Sandalwood.

LEGEND: My people fell into their customary walking pattern along the path in one silken movement of bodies. It was an old custom that flowed us in a smooth circle around the glow of fire under the open sky. As we swayed in the fragrant dusk of descending night, the healing waters of the Fayum made a perfect meeting place for my people to gather nightly, when our great Goddess, Sekhmet summoned us to receive the teaching messages from our home. The darkness drifted around us like mist and our energies began to pool in a living sphere of deep and clear intention. No one spoke. It was not our place to speak here. Linen-robed and anointed with sacred oils, the priestess appeared at the altar, rocking and humming, hypnotized by the medicine of all time. Her black eyes glowed in her gaunt brown face. She began to chant. Without movement or sound, we joined as one. The Priestess’s words spiraled out in a cascade of smooth stone memories, aromatic in the sweet, dry smoke from our pungent herbs. Our senses sailed into the cold, blue, unconscious sky of true mind as we entered through the trance-gate into the Temple of Sekhmet. Tiny flashes of magnesium-white light pierced the veil. We raised our radiant faces to the stars as the great winds blew silently across the desert sands. The human construct of time fell away. Silently, and effortlessly transfigured, we moved back, in single file through the lush green growth of the oasis and along the hidden pathways until we reached the doorway. Our priestess raised her hands and motioned in a sequence of symbols that trailed butterflies of golden light as she chanted. The stone threshold began to glow in dazzling blue flashes as my people crossed into the utter blackness of the great descending staircase. — A note by the nose

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