With a name that combines the Thai words for “Ontha” or Darkness / Gloomy and “Mara” which means devil.

The concept for Onthamara or Darkness devil is the intensely mysterious darkness feral animalic. A tribute to natural deer musk and its origin.

Onthamara is an oriental spicy animalic Fougere, with the standard mix of basic Fougere’s structure adding a twist with exotic and rare materials such Coleus Root Absolute. Oriental part with Thai oud, resins and rare smoky Amber Fossil from Himalayan. And a heavy dose of Animalic part as the main star such Siberian Deer Musk, Hyrax Absolute, Beeswax absolute and castoreum.

Onthamara will transport you to the deep darkest ancient forest surrounded by savage nocturnal animals.

Contain animal products legally harvest on quotas provided by the government.

limited edition of 3 batches. Around 300 bottles will be made. Due to the very high percentage of natural materials, each batch may be slightly different.


Siberian Musk, 35 Million years old Himalayan amber (Amber Fossil), Choya Ral Absolute, Coleus Root Absolute, Hyrax Absolute, Black Tea, Camphor, Blackcurrant bud absolute, Artemisia, Violet leaf absolute, Orris butter, Lavender absolute, Black Spruce, Fir Balsam, Rosewood, Beeswax absolute, Olibanum, Benzoin, Celery seed, Jatamansi, Cinnamon, Cumin seed, Labdanum, Thai Oud, Castoreum, Amyris, Oak moss, Vetiver, Pine Tar, Lovage root

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