Oud Noir

Niche Collection


An incredibly special Anniversary Release from the Jinkoh Store!

This is the 3rd release of the Niche Collection. This line has been a great success by so far. It is an artisanal side of niche done in Jinkoh Store style, a significant part of naturals combined with syntethics to hold, carry and improve the accords of the the scent, also cutting costs and improving performance. The Niche Collection got a beastly silage and performance as you probably know!

Oud Noir is probably the best release by  far from this line. You can envision the scent  as a jungle surrounded by mature agarwood trees which cought fire. There’s an aroma of dark and rich agarwood as the main player in this scent going hand in hand with a dense incense smoke. A gothic themed, dark patchouli and real leather come to support this blend to shine and rise.

The ouds used for this blend were distilled without any soak but done at highter temperatures to obtain that special smokey and incensy aroma. 60% of the blend is basically ouds!

All together they push your senses to the moon taking you on a full journey and making you wonder when it is going to end… because this one just lasts and lasts and lasts!

Nothing is too harsh, nothing is too much, everything is very well balanced in this composition. In the background you will notice a sweet aroma without being gourmand, cloying or upfront. To obtain this effect, Jinkoh Store used a special guaiac wood along Srilankan vanilla CO2. Then I did a molecular distillation to catch the burned, sweet, woody, sugary and smoked aspects of the top notes from the vanilla beans! It’s safe to say that Oud Noir is a very oriental arabic blend, but very unique at the same time! It’s definitely not for the faint hearted, this is a very mature blend for a true gentlemen!

Olfactory Notes:
Cambodian Oud, Hindi Oud, Castoreum, Sri Lankan Vanilla CO2, Civet, White Birch Tar, Guaiacwood, Musk, Ink Accord, Resins and Balsams, Dark Patchouli and Leather!

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