Phantom of the Opera

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We are proud to present to you this composition which we are entering into 2024 with, being the year of insane perfume compositions. We present to you our 2024 15 ml extrait de perfumes in new bottles that make you see the color of the perfume with the gold -plated copper metallic tag now on the side of the bottle.

This perfume is the pinnacle of our East meets West perfume compositions with an insane 25% WILD Assamese oud oil being used. This same oud oil sold at our oud website Elixir Agarwood Science, is one of the best Assamese oud oils you will come across. Zero barn, insane resinous smokiness, and 100% from fine wild Assam wood.

Now the challenge is how to incorporate such a fine oud in a perfume without being the typical Rose- Oud- Musk combo, and so we sought to create the Phantom of the Opera. A total symphony of notes being the “Opera” and the Assam oud being the “Phantom” in there. The Phantom is always there from start to finish shining through all the other notes and never overtaking the composition. We blended this in a classical chypre style that will bring into your minds back the days of fine perfumery.

Now if i told you that this is going to feel as a typical chypre it would be an understatement. The overall feel you will get is that Assam oud has totally fused into the accord bringing you the effect of agarwood incense in a totally innovative way. Never in any classical chypre has an oud of this caliber been used, or of this percentage, or smelt like that.

Now I will leave you with the special features and the olfactory notes of this perfume composition.

Special features:

Usage of 25% pure wild Indian Assam agarwood of the total composition. 25% of the alcohol used is pure tinctures of Siberian deer musk and aged white Celtic ambergris. Surreal representation of incense oud compositions that feels totally innovative and unlike any oud composition you have ever tried.

Olfactory Notes:

Assam Wild Oud, Vanilla, Oakmoss, Jasmine Egypt, Jasmine France, Oakmoss, Calabrian Bergamot, Peach, Lilac, Vetiver, Clove, Ambergris, Siberian Deer musk, Amber accord, aged Celtic ambergris tincture

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