Qahua Bunga 1


Exclusive Blend Line
Limited Edition

Extrait de Parfum

Qahua Bunga is offered to you in another handcrafted bottle. We have no boundaries in those collections and will always impress you from the design to the juice. Creamy, light brown bottle with gold touches and just a line of coffee beans represent 100% of the type of coffee we have inside the bottle. Along with fruity tobacco, thick Shisha vibe and traditional Moroccan Mint Tea, this is your new Oriental Gourmand.

Top Notes: Organic Coffee (Italia), Coffee Accord

Heart Notes: Shisha (Fruity Tobacco, Kiwi, Melon)

Base Notes: Nanah (Traditional Moroccan Mint Tea)

Attention: These bottles are hand-painted in Switzerland on order. Ships on March 19th


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