Rahassanai or Imply message or hidden code in Thai. Blended with two main materials which are the precious 50 years old wild oud from the South of Thailand and Skunk tincture surrounded by smoky fruity herbal floral. 

As its name implies, this perfume is like playing hide and seek after applying it to your skin the skunk tincture will come and goes or be hidden underneath wild oud.

Skunks tincture is made by macerating fresh skunk glands. The animals are trapped for their fur. Processing their scent glands makes a useful product out of something that would otherwise be discarded.

limited edition of 2 batches. Around 200 bottles will be made. Due to the very high percentage of natural materials, each batch may be slightly different.


Skunk tincture, 50 years old wild oud from South Thailand, Camphor, Galbanum, Orris Butter, Violet Leaf, Jasmin aboslute, Champaca, Tuberose Absolute, Rose Absolute, Angelica, Cumin seed, Coriander, Costus, Amyris, Pine tar, Nagarmotha, Oakmoss, Castoreum, Myrrh, Nutmeg, Lavandin absolute, Aldehyde, Black current bud, Mate absolute, Chamomile, Spruce, Basil

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