Soft Animal

Primal Skin Scent | Natural Animalic Perfume


Limited Micro-Batch No. 2

Style: Animalic Chypre

Prominent Notes:

ethical local animalics
fur accord
lactone accord
champaca + florals
dirty woods

Tender, intimate skin scent of dry musky woods, fleshy florals, creamy curves, and furry fuzzy comforts.

Soft Animal invokes the personal stories of touch, the scent imprints created during memorable touch experience, and the deepening evolution of our skin hunger as humans recently subjected to further societal and familial isolation. Soft Animal is an acknowledgment of our vulnerable desires and explores their rootedness in the
exchange of touch through more than one sense.

For the poetry written during the creation of Soft Animal, see Morning Skin 

Soft Animal is the first perfume by GATHER to be centered around animal materials. Local and ethically sourced “musks” contribute characteristics inimitable in perfumery, giving them a long lineage of both lore and logic, as well as ubiquities efforts of imitation. In Soft Animal, tinctures of muskrat and castoreum create the anchor for an intimate experience of scent. If you’re interested in meeting the local animal trapper and learning where and how these materials are sourced, please watch this video

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