Spring Ambience


During the early spring in the bright green bamboo forest.The smell of young man fougère’s base cologne, his first love and the ambience of wind-blowing bamboo leaves.

From abstract ambience transform into the olfactory concrete experience.

The composition contrasts spring bamboo forest and modern men’s fougère, balancing fruity, spicy, woody, minty, herbs and musk.

“Spring Ambience” is a tranquil, soft and comforting scent suitable for an everyday scent.

Based on “Sang Woo”, The protagonist in the 2001’s Korean movie “One Fine Spring Day” is the sound recorder who falls in love with a local DJ while recording ambience in the bamboo forest. Their love blossom as spring comes and fade like the sound of wind-blowing bamboo leaves.

“Spring Ambience” is another scent of my homage and celebrating one of the great experiences in world of cinema.

Mint, Bamboo Bergamot, Black Current leaf, Mandarin, Cardamom, Grass, Nutmeg, Galbanum, Cinnamon, Sandalwood, Lavender, Jasmine, Sage, Orris, Geranium, Gaiac wood, Cedar, Tobacco, Vanilla, Aldehyde, Musk, Tonka

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